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A Kodak moment for the cigarette?
We can’t say for certain yet, but it certainly looks that way. With the social stigma
attached to smoking, and smokers being relegated to strictly defined zones in public
places, there is, more and more, a case to be made for the electronic cigarette.
Entirely devoid of secondhand smoke, and considerably less harmful to the user than
a cigarette would be, it is a shoe-in as the next preferred nicotine delivery mechanism
for the globe.
We’re ready!
We can offer you the base materials, and the know-how, for creating your own e-cigarette
or any other Tobacco Harm Reduction device. We offer tailor-made nicotine for each and
every delivery mechanism there is, and can offer any flavour and colour of your choice.
Delivery Type                          Base Material
Nasal Spray
Nicotine PolacrilexResinate (NPR)
NPR / Nicotine Bitartarate
NPR / Nicotine Bitartarate
USP Grade Nicotine
USP Grade Nicotine
USP Grade Nicotine
ART Tobacco
Harm Reduction:
Through Nicotine itself is fairly harmless (much like caffeine), people choose to
use quite harmful methods of delivery.
Nicotine Harm reduction aims at letting people kick the tobacco habit without
kicking the nicotine habit.


E-Liquid can be made available in any flavor of your choice and any concentration.
We also make ART Tobacco, and it’s derivatives: the very popular Swedish ‘snus’.
We also make ART Tobacco, and it’s derivatives: the very popular Swedish ‘snus’.


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Anilbhai Parshottambhai Patel, Village: Ode, Mobile: +919824346254
In my chili’s capsicum crop I have applied Nico Orgo company’s bio products
i.e. Nicoderma, Bioniconema, Power All from beginning (when Transplanted)
where of I got good result like no wilt disease in transplant. Plants are healthy,
At the time of chili’s replacement cost I have used these products so I have
got good growth of chilies, chili’s size and shining was too good by which
I am happy.
More chilli prodution by using Bioniconema