Orgo Turf
(Organic Fertilizer for Turf and Amenities)
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Product Description

Orgo Turf is an organic soil conditioner with multiple benefits.
It provides nutrition to the soil and helps improve soil fertility and health leading
to lush green grass. It is also an excellent product for the eradication of worms
from soil.
Worms are highly undesirable on sports turf as they produce worm casts.
Worm casts are smelly, small mounds of digested earth. They are unpleasant
to look at, slippery, and make balls unpleasant to handle. They can change the
fortunes of a game on sports turf.
Worms also help the growth of weeds as they burrow seed material from the surface
into the soil. Worm casts also act as seedbeds for weeds.
Worms are a source of food for birds and animals, many of which are undesirable
on sports or fine turf. Birds leave droppings and can damage the turf through pecking.
Burrowing animals, such as moles, can destroy huge areas of expensively
maintained turf in their search for worms.
Orgo Turf can seriously benefit sports turf such as golf courses and amenity turf
where worm casts cannot be tolerated. Having an inoffensive odour and being easy
to spread it is perfect for discreet application.
In addition, being an organic oilcake, this product will greatly boost the activity of
soil micro-organisms leading to an improvement in soil health and productivity. All
of which ultimately lead to lush green turf.
Orgo Turf also provides excellent protection against plant parasitic nematodes, particularly
Meloidogyne spp. It imparts resistance from fungal and bacterial diseases of plants.
Nutrient Content:
Nitrogen              2.5%
Phophorous       0.8%
Potassium           1.9%
250g per sq. yard
300g per sq. metre
Spread evenly on turf & irrigate well.


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