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Psedodomonas fluorescens (2 x 108 cfu/g min.) is a rhizosphere bacteria which
protects plant roots against parasitic fungi such as Fusarium or Pythium as well
as certain phytophagaous nematodes such as Meloidogynesps.
Fungi such as alternariacajani and curvularialunata grow on plant surfaces causing
disease and death of plants. Plant treatment with Pseudomonas fluorescens can
limit these fungi from growing and prospering.
It is non-specific in its ability to protect plants and, once established, it works against
several different pathogens while inducing systemic resistance in the host plant.
Production of secondary metabolites plays an important role in plant disease
suppression  and PF produces substances like 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol, which
is responsible for the anti-phytopathegenic and the biocontrol properties of PF.
PF aggressively colonises the roots of the crop and suppresses disease by inhibiting
phytopathogens in the soil or on the roots by competition and/or antagonism.
It has shown potential benefits in bio-remediation against several strains of plant pathogens.
5 kg per ha. preferably mixed with 2 tons of any organic matter such as ORGO blended
organic fertiliser/FYM.
Nursery bed treatment    :
50 gm/sq. m.
Seed treatment   :   
Treat the seed @ 10gm/kg seed.
Application Guidelines: 
Apply near the root zone, preferably leaving a 7 day gap on either side before applying chemical 
fertiliser or pesticide.


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