Orgo Neem
(Neem Seed Fertilizer)
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Product Description

Organic amendment for use in Agriculture, Horticulture,
Floriculture and Turf Management
Nutrient Content:
Organic matter   :               70 – 80%
Nitrogen            :               2.50 – 3.5%
Phosphorous     :               0.50 – 1.0%
Potassium         :               1.25 – 1.5%
Calcium             :               0.75 – 1.0%
Magnesium        :               0.75 %
Sulphur              :              1.2 – 1.5%.
ORGO NEEM is a natural organic fertilizer approved for use inorganic systems by Organic
Farmers & Growers (UK)and OMRI (USA) & EcoCert.It has shown tremendous potential as
a fertilizer and is widely used for sustainableagriculture as well as horticulture application.
When ploughedinto or mixed with the soil,ORGO NEEM acts naturallyas a broad
spectrumdefense mechanism which works against a wide variety of phytonematodesand
soil borne insect-pests, thereby improving root development and, in turn,plant growth and
This dual activity of ORGO NEEM as a fertilizer and a pest repellent has made it a favoured
input and it is widelyused in the cultivation of cash crops.
Eco-Friendly Advantages
  • It is a wholly organic plant food which increases productivity,soil fertility and soil health.
    The application of ORGO NEEM to crops provides them with various essential nutrients
    and prevents and treats ailment disorders of plants due to the lack or imbalance of nutritious
    trace elements.
  • It helps to increase the uptake of nutrients by the plant and improves yield  as the nutrients
    are released intothe soil uniformly and over a longer period of time unlike in the case of
    conventional fertilizers.
  • It is active in increasing growth and foliage, resulting in rich blossoming and strengthening
    of the roots, all of which help to improve the general appearance and quality of fruits and
  • It protects the crop against damage caused by soil insect-pests, fungi,bacteria and nematodes
    by way of reducing the numbers of such pathogenic organisms.
  • Studies conducted by the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore have shown that
    an application of Neem seed fertilizer on nursery beds can reduce Root-knot and Reniform
    nematodes  by more  than  80%, thus resulting in healthy and vigorous seedlings/ saplings.
    In protecting young plants from insect-pests, ORGO NEEM allows them to grow sufficiently
    and build their natural defenses and augments them with its nutritional and pest repellent
  • It can also reduce alkalinity in the soil by producing organic acids when mixed with the soil.
    The calcium and magnesium present in it also assist in reducing alkalinity.
  • It acts as an excellent nitrification inhibitor. By curbing the  activity of nitrifying bacteria like 
  • Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter, it reduces the nitrification rate which ensures availability
    andcontrolled release of Nitrogen required for the crop during its critical growth stage. Hence
    by blending with chemical fertilizers (UREA, DAP, etc.), the use of these chemical fertilizers can
    be reduced by up to 30%.
  • It boosts the population of beneficial micro flora and fauna in the soil.
  • ORGO NEEM is safe for earthworms and, in fact, an increase of more than 20% in their
    population hasbeen reported.
Application Guidelines:
Working ORGO NEEM into the soil by ploughing and mixing with the soil  gives better results
than surface application. Apply with any standard fertilizer spreader and incorporate into top
10-15 cm of soil.ORGO NEEM can be used by itself or can be combined with chemical fertilizers
or organic manures such as farm yard manure, poultry manure,compost, press mud, etc. Though
we recommend mixing at least 25-50% of ORGO NEEM, even as little as 10% shows excellent
results. The quantity of chemical fertilizers can gradually be reduced.
It can also be combined with potting compost for better results.
200 – 300 kg per hectare
Available in pellet form, granulated and as a coarse powder.
1 ton jumbo bag
50 kg HDPE / LDPE bag
25 kg HDPE / LDPE bag
For gardens:
8 kg plastic bucket
2 kg plastic bucket
2 kg Cardboard box
Store in a cool, dry & covered place. Do not store in direct sunlight.


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