Nico Plus
(Plant Growth Promoter)

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Product Description

A carefully researched biological concentrate, which can be readily diluted with water
in a homogeneous, emulsifiable form ready for foliage spray in agriculture and
horticulture crops.
NICO PLUS contains fatty alcohol, bio stimulants and other growth factors having
higher absorption capacity through foliage. It enhances growth in a natural way that
allows plants to make better use of available moisture and plant nutrients. It also
increases cell division and enlargement which can lead to better quality products.
It provides the strength to withstand abiotic and biotic stresses like drought and
diseases. It also reduces immature flower / fruit dropping.
Mix 5 ml. of NICO PLUS in 1 litre of water.
1st Spray: 30-35 days after sowing.
2nd Spray: 55-60 days after sowing or at the onset of flowering.
Typically 400-600 l of spray solution is required per ha.
NICO PLUS can be stored at room temperature but away from direct sunlight.
1000 litre tank
200 litre barrel
5 litre carboy
1 litre plastic bottle
500 ml. plastic bottle



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