(Natural Nematicide)
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Product Description

A novel granular pesticide of botanical origin, used for the control of soil borne
pests including nematodes. It is recommended for soil application. The active
ingredients include a careful blend of neem seed constituents collectively called
neem bitters. They are coated or absorbed on to a selective carrier material of
agricultural origin, so that the persistency and stability of the active compound
is enhanced in this medium. The mode of action is both systemic and contact type.
  • Can be used as a substitute for Methyl Bromide for nematode management.
  • Can be used as a component in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • Ready to use. (No mixing required!)
  • Safer to handle as particles settle quickly and there is no spraying.
  • Requires simple application equipment, such as seeders or fertilizer spreaders.
  • More persistent than wettable powders (WPs) or emulsifiable concentrates (ECs).
Nutrient Content :
Organic Matter   80% –  85%
Nitrogen             2% – 2.75%
Phosphorus        2% – 2.75%
Potassium          1% –  1.5%
Active Ingredients:
Azadirachtin and other Neem based triterpenoids.
Widely recommended to control white grubs, nematodes and other soil borne
NEEMATE-10G is a neem based nematicide which can be used to control
root-knot nematodes affecting fruit crops, vegetable crops or field crops. The
chemical pesticide Carbofuran is widely used to control nematodes. However,
Carbofuran has a very short effective period, moreover it is banned in many
countries because of its adverse effect on the environment and its inherent
A botanical pesticide, NEEMATE-10G is free from the toxicity of Carbofuran.
Comparative bio-efficacy of NEEMATE-10G and Carbofuran for control of
root-knot nematode in chick pea (3 years mean).
Table : 1
Treatment                           Root-Knot Index (RKI 0-5)*        Yield (Kg/ha.)
NEEMATE 10G (10 kg/ha)                2.25                                   3237
Carbofuran (1 kg a.i/ha)                    2.61                                   2977
Control                                              3.27                                   2774
* 1 = Free ;   5 = Maximum disease intensity. 


Application Guidelines:
It is essential to apply NEEMATE-10G before pests attack the crop. This
prophylactic action results in built-in protection of crop for an abundant harvest.
Apply @10 kg/ha for nursery pest management.
Apply1-2 days before sowing as a prophylactic dose.
Apply to the soil @10 kg/ha field crop .
Apply before transplanting as a prophylactic dose.
25 kg HDPE/LDPE bag
4 kg bag
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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