(Paecilomyces lilacinus 1% w.p.)
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Product Description

Paecilomyces lilacinus 1% W.P. (2 x 108 cfu/gm. minimum) (Mother culture: Indian Institute
of Horticultural Research, Bangalore) Talc based Formulation.
Paecilomyces lilacinus has been one of the principal genera of importance in bio-control
studies in recent years. Paecilomyces lilacinus, a bio-control fungus, protects the root system
against diseases caused by plant parasitic nematodes, specifically root-knot nematodes
(Meloidogyne spp.), reniform nematodes (Rotylenchulusreniformis), burrowing nematodes
(Radopholus similes) and citrus nematodes (Tylenchulussemipenetrans).
These nematodes infect agricultural and horticultural crops of economic importance. This
bio-agent colonizes the root surface and is an antagonistic fungus, strongly parasitic to
eggs and egg-masses of plant parastic nematodes. BIONICONEMA can destroy upto 90%
of eggs and 75%-80% of egg-masses of nematodes.
Therefore, after one or two applications, you observe a plummeting fall in the nematode
population. This is because few eggs survive to hatch new generations.
It is particularly effective against the following nematodes:
Root-knot nematode        Meloidogyne ssp.
Golden cyst nematode    Globoderapallida&G.rostochiensis
Cyst nematode               Heterodera ssp.
Citrus nematode             Tylenchulssemipenetrans
Burrowing nematode      Radopholus similes
Reniform nematode       Rotylenchulusreniformis
5 kg per ha. preferably mixed with 2 tons of any organic matter such as ORGO blended
organic fertiliser/FYM.
Nursery bed treatment   :    
50 gm/sq. m.
Seed treatment     :     
Treat @ 10gm/kg seed.
500gm LDPE bag
1 kg LDPE bag
Application Guidelines:
Apply near the root zone,preferably leaving a 7 day gap on either side before applying
chemical fertiliser or pesticide.
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Shri Bhupendrabhai Ramanbhai Patel, At: Varkhad Post: Patna, TQ: Nandod,
Dist: Narmada, Mo.: +91 9427110941
Dear farmers after applying Nico Orgo Manures Nicoderma (Trichoderma viride),
Bioniconema (Paecilomyces lilacinus) & Bio All:
  • Nicoderma: Mainly used for Fungus Control.
  • Bioniconema: By Bioniconema Nematodes which prevents tumors in root
    thus roots can take their aliment.
  • Bio All: Soils rooted Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash are in rare form
    Bio All converts it into sensible form and provides to plants, so plants
    greenery and plants root-leaves development occurs in good proportion
    thus chemical fertilizers are saved.
Control Nematodes by using Bioniconema