(Nutrient mobilizing liquid biofertilizer)

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Product Description

BioAll has the unique ability to enrich the soil with Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash.
It efficiently fixes atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizes insoluble and chemically fixed
phosphates and has the ability to mobilize and solubilize soil potash and insoluble
potash compounds thus making all three of these essential nutrients available to the
plant in a ready, available form.
It also enhances the availability of Mn, Mg, Fe, Mo, Bo, Zn and Cu, among others, in the soil.
BioAll provides the major nutrients (NPK) to the soil which results in higher yield. BioAll
produces certain growth promoting substances such as Thiamine, Indol and Acetic Acid
which help impart resistance to the plant from plant pathogens such as Alternaria and
It produces organic acids like Citric, Tartaric, Malic which increase the availability of
phosphates in the rhizosphere.
Soil application:
3 litres/ hectare. Applied either through a drip system or mixed with 1 ton of organic
manure, preferably leaving a 7 day gap on either side before applying chemical fertiliser
or pesticide.
Seed treatment:
5ml to 7ml per kg of seed.
Seedling dipping:           
Mix 50ml – 70ml in 15 litres of water & dip the seedling for 10 minutes before transplanting.
Tree treatment:
Dilute and spray @ 600 ml/hectare.
  • Fortify the soil with bacterial metabolites & are cheap and easy to handle.
  • Have the ability to fix, solubilize and mobilise and cause uptake of N, P and K.
  • impart resistance against insect pests and diseases and against plant pathogens like
    Alternaria, Helminthosporium and Fusarium (N-Fix).
  • Help to reduce environmental pollution and the high costs, which result from chemical
    fertiliser usage and its residues.


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Shri Mohanbhai Ratanji Patel, At & Po.: Vesma Ta.: Jalalpore Dist.: Navsari
Mobile.: 9725917340.
I am happy to inform Paddy growers that I used BIOALL in 50% area of 2 vighas
Paddy crop i.e. in 1 vigha. Only in BIOALL used area the crop was luster green
with more plant height without any disease while the crop was not good due to
yellowing and drying of plants in unused BIOALL area. Hence, I really advise the
Paddy farmers to use BIOALL because its result is really good.
Results of Paddy by using BIOALL