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(Organic Plant Growth Stimulants)

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Product Description

BIO ORGO represents a formidable advance in harnessing bio-chemical growth stimulants
for the benefit of agriculture, floriculture and horticulture. It boosts crop yield by enhancing
growth at key stages of development. It is manufactured by controlled fermentation of young
and succulent leaves aided by proprietary microorganisms. The finished product is a stable
and balanced biological liquid concentrate that is rich in humic acids, amino acids and peptides,
natural plant growth promoters (i.e. auxin and cytokinin), organically chelated macro / micro
nutrients like Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, and Manganese.
Humic acid stimulates plant enzymes, root growth, nutrient uptake and growth and proliferation
of desirable soil microorganisms in the rhizosphere which help increase plant growth and yield.
Humic acid chelated micronutrients provide ready bio-availability of these vital elements to the
growing plant for better yield. Amino acids and peptides provide ready nutrition to microorganisms
inducting more of Nitrogen fixation and Phosphorus solubilization. A Potash rich formulation is a
good source for improving crop quality. Presence of natural PGR in the formulation available during
the early stages of plant growth (before it is able to produce its own supply), also helps to develop
healthy crop-stand on the field. All these factors result in a stout plant which resists insect-pests
and diseases, early crop maturity, improved crop quality and higher yield.
Fruit and vegetable crops when grown with BIO ORGO have shown improved fruit set and retention.
example, tomatoes and watermelons have a higher content of soluble solids. Onions can maintain
their quality over a longer period. As for roses (especially the hybrid variety), the plant has profuse
bearing with bigger flower size than normal.
BIO ORGO can be mixed with potting compost as a liquid fertilizer
BIO ORGO is a completely natural, non-toxic, and pH neutral product. It is fully water soluble and
compatible with most pesticides. It can be used as seedling dip formulation and/or foliar spray for
higher productivity of farm crops, fruits and vegetables as well as flowers.
Application Guideline and dosage :
For seedling dip:
Mix 25 ml in 1 litre of water. Dip the rootlets for 10 minutes, remove and transplant.
For spray:
Mix 10 ml in 1 litre of water. Spray about 200 Litres of this solution to cover one acre of land
approximately 2 to 3 times during the crop growing season as described below.
1st spray: One month after transplanting.
2nd spray: Two months after transplanting.
3rd spray: At the onset of flowering.
1000 litre tank
200 litre barrel
5 litre carboy
1 litre plastic bottle
500 ml. plastic bottle
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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