Karanj Oil

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Product Description

Numerous studies have shown Karanj oil to prevent many pests from feeding and laying eggs and to kill pests such as mites, aphids and leafminer larvae. It shows excellent efficacy as stored grain protectant and is known to act synergistically with Neem. Karanj oil may also be used as a base for blending other botanicals to provide a broad spectrum of pesticidal activity. The active ingredient, Karanjin, is known for its outstanding anti-fungal activity. Karanj oil also contains several fatty acids which help increase soil quality.
Karanj oil has shown strong control of Aphids in several university trials.
The oil has a high content of triglycerides, and its disagreeable taste and odor are due to bitter flavonoid constituents, pongamin and karanjin, which stimulate plant immune function. It acts longer on plants than other botanical insecticides. Furthermore, Karanj remains a liquid upto 40C, making it easy to mix.
Importantly, Karanj is not recognized as an Annex 1 product in the EU, and is free tom import and sell.
Karanj Cake is an excellent organic fertilizer, being a rich source of organic matter and helping alleviate soil health and boost productivity.
Can be used as a ingredient in ‘organic’ NPK blends: When mixed with NPK fertilizer complexes, Karanj acts as an excellent source of organic matter, helping increase plant nutrient uptake and improve soil characteristic. Karanj also has proven nematicidal properties.


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