Nico Dust
(Botanical Pesticide)
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Product Description

Nico Dust is a nicotine based pesticide formulated in a unique way. It possesses all the 
positive qualities of Nicotine Sulphate, eliminating its shortcomings i.e. high volatility, 
causing handling difficulty and low persistency requiring frequent application.


Nicotine Alkaloid is trapped in situ in free fatty acids contained in a natural product. The 
resultant fatty acid salt of nicotine has a higher degree of persistence as compared to 
Nicotine Sulphate, yet leaving no residue on crop.
Application Guidelines:
  • Nico Dust can be directly applied on soil furrows to control many soil borne pests.
  • It can be “swing-fogged” on crop plants to control insect damage, particularly
    from soft bodied insects.
  • Low percentage of the active ingredient on a very fine dry inert carrier helps to
    make a ready to use product.
  • Its effectiveness increases, if dusting of the crop plant is done soon after
    sprinkler irrigation.


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