(Nitrogen fixing liquid biofertiliser)


Product Description

N-Fix  has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen for the plant.
It has an associative symbiotic relation with graminaceous plants, thereby making
available atmospheric nitrogen (30-50% of N requirement) to various crops.
It secretes ammonia in the rhizosphere in the presence of root exudates, which
helps nutrient uptake by plants.
N-Fix has the ability to synthesize auxins, cytokinines, vitamins and growth
promoting substances such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, Indole Acetic acid,
Gibberellins, Nicotinic acid and Vitamin B.
Its nitrogen fixing activity continues even after the existing sources of nitrogen
have been exhausted.
Presence of organic matter, cellulolytic microorganisms and small amounts of humus
can further increase the efficiency of N-Fix.
Soil application:
3 litres/ hectare. Applied either through a drip system or mixed with 1 ton of organic
manure, preferably leaving a 7 day gap on either side before applying chemical fertiliser
or pesticide.
Seed treatment:
5ml to 7ml per kg of seed.
Seedling dipping:           
Mix 50ml – 70ml in 15 litres of water &
dip the seedling for 10 minutes before transplanting.
Tree treatment:
Dilute and spray @ 600 ml/hectare
  • Fortify the soil with bacterial metabolites & are cheap and easy to handle.
  • Have the ability to fix, solubilize and mobilise and cause uptake of N, P and K.
  • Impart resistance against insect pests and diseases and against plant pathogens
    like Alternaria, Helminthosporium and Fusarium.
  • Help to reduce environmental pollution and the high costs, which result from
    chemical fertiliser usage and its residues.


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