(Neem Fumigator)

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  • Fumex used in Godown
    • Fumex used in Godown

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  • Soil Fumigation by using Fumex
    • Soil Fumigation by using Fumex

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Product Description

FUMEX is a broad spectrum pesticide of botanical origin. It is excellent for use
in greenhouses for the control of thrips, aphids, white flies, mealybugs and
spidermites and all other kinds of crawling and gnawing insects.
This product combines the power of smoke fumigation with one of the most
effective contact insecticides available.
When the can is ignited a large quantity of smoke is released and the active
ingredients within the can vaporize, thus filling the greenhouse with their fumes.
Since the greenhouse is completely filled with the fumes there is no room for
the insects within the greenhouse to hide. They come into contact with the
vaporized active ingredient and succumb to it.
A lot of time, money and effort can be saved by using this product and it leaves
no residue.
Dosage :
1 Can of 440 g treats 25000 cu. ft.
Also Available:
Neem based Herbal Fumigator.


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