CCOF is buzzing with excitement over our new site, Pesticides Bug Me. This online education
and fundraising initiative will let consumers know that buying certified organic products will
keep harmful pesticides out of their food. In 2009, over 156 million pounds of pesticides were
applied to California’s land. Synthetic pesticide use is associated with birth defects,
childhood brain cancers, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and more. 


“At CCOF we don’t want to live in a world with unhealthy people and no bees,” says Executive
Director Cathy Calfo. “By purchasing certified organic and looking for the USDA label,
consumers can make sure that they are buying clean, safe food.” The Pesticides Bug
Me campaign will help raise consumer awareness by providing facts about the effects of
chemical pesticides on our planet, and the benefits of choosing certified organic. The site
also offers resources for those looking to learn more about avoiding harmful chemicals in
their food.


Join the Pesticides Bug Me campaign and help stop the use of dangerous pesticides. In
addition, amateur or professional artists, as well as graphic designers, can participate
in the Pesticides Bug Me T-shirt Design Competition. Submissions will be accepted
from July 18 to October 17 on the campaign website. The winning designer will receive
$250, bragging rights, inclusion of his/her artwork on the “Pesticides Bug Me” official
t-shirt, and the reputation and contacts that come with being listed as a graphic designer
on the CCOF website for members of the organic community seeking art or design.
The CCOF community is invited to vote for the winner on the CCOF Facebook page.

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