An awareness program for “Organic Farming & Management of Plant Parasitic Nematodes on different crops using bio-agents in J&K” was organised at the Directorate of Agriculture, Jammu, by Nico Orgo, Gujarat, on April 22, 2017. The event was graced by Dr AK Malhotra, Director-Agricultre, Dr HK Razdan, Jt Director, & Dr CM Sharma, Dy Director, along with 30 Chief Agricultural Officers, Agronomists, Plant Protection Specialists of the Agriculture Department.
Nematodes are the hidden microscopic organisms causing severe diseases leading to drastic reduction in crop production and quality. They induce 12-13% loss in crop production. Besides, they act an avenue for easy entry of other pathogenic microorganisms which create a complex disease crops. The estimated loss due to nematodes is around 12000-13000 crores annually in the country, whereas globally it is to the tune of 125 billion USD. The traditional control of nematodes using chemical pesticides hasn’t been able to provide foolproof solutions whereas at the same time it has caused pesticide residues and resistance. At the same time, research using bioagents and botanicals for control of nematodes has shown tremendous potential in providing cost effective, ecofreindly and efficacious management. The time has come to promote such products for sustainable agriculture, including organic farming. Dr DJ Patel, ex-Dean, Anand Agriculture University, delivered this talk along with Mr Sujay Ojha (Advisor-Agribusiness) on the burning topic. Nico Orgo is based at Dakor (Gujarat) and is manufacturing and marketing biological origin products for organic and sustainable agriculture since 1992. The products are available in many states within India as well as being exported to over two dozen countries. “Nico Neem (Neem-based insecticides), and microbials like Nicoderma (trichoderma viride), Bioniconema (paecilomyces lilacinus), PowerAll (pseudomonas fluorescens) are some of the products which are most suited for pest and disease management including nematodes. The company is also exploring possibilities of bringing these products for the farmers of J&K. Lotus Agritech, Srinagar, is working on the regulatory and business network for the same.


Kashmir Nematode 1

Kashmir Nematode 2

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