A young farmer of Darveshpura village, Bihar, India has set what is claimed to be a world
record in potato production through organic farming.


The potato farmer, Nitish Kumar, has harvested 72.9 tonnes of tuber per hectare. The
world record so far was 45 tonnes per hectare held by farmers in the Netherlands, officials said.
Nalanda District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Agrawal said thatseveral officials and agricultural
experts were present in the field at the harvest time to verify the claim and record it.


“The world record is the result of hard labour and experiment with organic farming, Agrawal
told IANS. Kumar Kishore Nanda, a soil scientist, who helped Nitish in his farming, said
success was a result of the organic method of farming. “Once again the organic method
of farming proved superior to other methods of farming.”

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